Upland Adestra

Upland Adestra

Enterprise email marketing and automation software

Enterprise email marketing and automation software enabling organizations to engage with their customers and audiences with personalized content that drives conversions.

With Adestra, marketers can deliver engaging email at every step of the customer journey, whilst maximizing the success of every send through high deliverability, A/B testing, dynamic email templates, and detailed insights and analytics.

Unique, flexible account structures within Adestra makes it the ideal email software choice for multi-brand organizations and enterprise companies that need scalable, tailored email capabilities across different brands and departments.

Upland Adestra is part of the Upland Customer Experience Management portfolio of products that enables our customers to fully accelerate consumer engagement and conversions on the channels that matter the most to their business, whether on email, mobile application, SMS, or online. Plus, through the power of our Customer Data Platform, Upland empowers marketers with a Single Customer View to unify data, decisions and channels for improved cross-channel personalization.